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Google Books & Google Play eBooks

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The Google Books site books  searches and lets you preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide using Google Book Search. Google Books site has a link to Google Play which is a site doing a similar search for acquiring and managing online books. Google Play is a part of the Google ecosystem and requires a login to see your books.

Google Play is a marketplace

In Google Play you can find and purchase books, music, and videos. It combines the Google's Android market, Google's ebook store, a music store and the former Android movie rental site into a single site. 

Google Play is cloud based

Google Play is part of a cloud based service that combines Google purchased music, movies, books into one cloud-based system that you can access from any web connected computer. There are apps for use on IOS  and Android devices, such as phones and tablets.

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Google Play eBooks

Google has the world’s largest selection of eBooks.

The eBook database contains the results of the Google project to scan and make searchable the collections of several major research libraries and many other libraries.  Where the books are in the public domain, the eBook is fully available to read or to download.   It also has a very large collection of eBooks available for purchase which may be downloaded to a variety of eReaders in ePub and Adobe PDF format.

Read eBooks online in a web browser or on a IOS or Android device .

Goggle Play stores public domain books which have been downloaded and the books which have been purchased the on the Google Play site in your personal My Books Library.  These books can be read using most web browsers without a dedicated eBook reader.  In addition the eBooks can be read in the Google Play application available for IOS or Android Android devices.  eBooks appear in these applications from the Google Play cloud and may be read in the application.

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Download eBooks

eBooks can also be downloaded as an Adobe PDF document or in ePub format

Download is done from the Google Play  My Library page. Select the book you want to download in My Library and click the How to Read tab.  This How to Read page has links to download the Google Play apps.  There is the option to download to eReaders and other devices.  Supported reading devices

There are two options in the How to Read  which permit you to Download ePub formated books to a reader or to d Download Adobe PDF formatted documents.  Each eReader has specific steps to download purchased books.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is Digital Rights Manager (DRM) software that permits local download and reading of many copyright protected books.  To install Digital Editions follow the instructions on the Adobe Digital Editions website 

After installation of Digital Editions, the Setup Assistant wizard prompts you to activate Adobe Digital Editions (you must be online during this process). During activation, you have the option to authorize your computer with an Adobe ID. If you don't have an Adobe ID, create an Adobe ID , it is free and only takes a minute. Then authorizing using an Adobe ID enables you to check out ebooks protected by digital rights management (DRM) Length of check out may be limited by the publisher. 

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If you have any library-related questions, please feel free to contact Owen Williams, Director of Library Services, at or (218) 281-8395).


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