2010-11 New Videos List

V-3030 Eyes on the Prize: Vol 6, Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More (1964-1972) and A Nation of Law? 
(1968-1971) America's Civil Rights Movement 

2 DVD's

/10 min./study guide/2006

Ain't gonna shuffle no more (1964-1972): A call to pride and a renewed push for unity galvanizes Black Americans. Telling interviews with athletes, entertainers, and community participants chart Cassius Clay's challenge to America to accept him as Muslim Muhammad Ali, and his fight up to the Supreme Count ... Howard University students' battle to bring their African heritage into the halls of learning ... and the 1972 National Black Political Convention in Gary, IN, that set the stage for unprecedented black political participation. A nation of law? (1968-1971): civil rights activists and government officials provide unprecedented insight into the sometimes violent and unethical response to black activism from local and federal law enforcement agencies. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover declares the Black Panthers the number one threat to internal security.
V-3031 Eyes on the Prize: Vol 7, The Keys to the Kingdom (1974-1980) and Back to the Movement (1979-1985) America's Civil Right's Movement

2 DVD's/10 min./study guide/2006 The keys to the kingdom (1974-1980): Famous and lesser-known participants recount the remedies used to solve the problems of discrimination in schools and the workplace. Atlanta's first black mayor, Maynard Jackson pursues affirmative action to help combat the city's poverty rate. The Bakke Supreme Court case challenges affirmative action when a white man sues a university on grounds of "reverse discrimination". Back to the movement (1979-1985): Experience the power and powerlessness felt in black communities during the movement's third decade through firsthand knowledge and stories. Democratic reformers install Harold Washington as Chicago's first black mayor. America's most-watched documentary on civil rights ends with a look back at the courageous people that made the movement a force for hope and social change.
V-3032 Signing Time! Sing and Sign DVD/Guide/90 min./2009 Sing and Sign features Rachel Coleman signing thirteen of the most popular signing time songs from beginning to end. Songs that are included are: Signing Time Theme, Magic Words, Look at My Hands, Silly Pizza Song, Rainy Day, Good Night Baby, In a House, Beautiful Day, Feelings, A is for Alex and Alligator, The Rainbow Song, 5 a Day, and Show Me a Sign.
V-3033 Take Control: how to be a more effective rider: there's power in your seat, hands, and legs DVD/54 mins./2006 There's Power in Your Seat, Hands, and Legs. Learn the most common faults that riders have and how to eliminate them in this video. Dana teaches techniques that turn a good rider into a great rider. You will learn how to use your seat, hands, and legs more effectively. Includes: - There's power in your seat - There's power in your hands - There's power in your lower leg - Raise your level of consciousness.
V-3034 Take Control: Seven Steps To a More Responsive Horse DVD/40 mins./2006 This video gives seven powerful steps to improve your horse's responsiveness and to teach your horse to "listen up" to your cues. Learn how to eliminate all unresponsiveness. Why? Because, small disobediences in your horse can grow into huge problems. A responsive horse is a safe and enjoyable horse. Includes: - Learn to read your horse's energy level - Reestablish the Whoa cue - Develop a more responsive mouth through proper use of your hands - Say listen up with your legs - The power of positive breathing - Catch the rhythm
V-3035 Take Control: How to Get the Lean Out of Your Performance Horse DVD/40 min./2006 For your horse to be balanced, exhibit self-carriage and move with flow and cadence, he needs to be guiding between your reins and not leaning in any direction. This program covers in depth the steps you can take to identify and get the lean out of your performance horse so you can have that great ride you've been looking for. Includes: - What lean is and how it will interfere with a good ride - How to diagnose lean in your horse - How to correct lean in your horse.
V-3036 Take Control: How to Develop Feel and Timing DVD/40 min./2006 What is feel and timing? Timing is knowing when to pick up on your horse, and feel is knowing if they gave or not and when to release. You communicate or talk to your horse with your hands, seat and legs. You can develop good communication by having good feel and timing. With time, patience and discipline you too can develop feel and improve your timing. This program covers in depth five principles will help you accomplish this. Includes: - Raise Your Level of Awareness - Follow through - Push Through Resistance - Use a Fair Approach with Your Hands and Legs - Learn to tell the difference between a refusal and an "I don't understand".
V-3037 Maximizing Your Western Pleasure Horse: Vol. 1 DVD/140 min./2005 For Western Pleasure riders and exhibitors, Dana has produced a two-disc set, full of clearly presented professional instruction, the videos demonstrate exercises to teach a horse to better use its body, by improving flexibility, stride, reach, and use of shoulders. Methods to improve the rider's seat are clearly presented, as are ways to present the horse to the judge in the best way possible. Two Disc Set Includes: - Helpful exercises and maneuvers to improve your horse's movement, increase his flexibility, length of stride and reach. - Exercises to improve your seat. - Shows how your seat and body rhythm effect your horse's movement. - Create a competitive strategy while showing your horse. - Learn to sharpen your overall presentation.
V-3038 Maximizing Your Western Pleasure Horse: how to keep your show horse going long term, Vol. 2 DVD/106 min./2005 In this video Dana reveals her secrets on how to keep a long term show horse going. She gives proven tips, which help to make your horse's job more fun. Learn how little refusals can turn into big show pen cheats. Includes: - Layering and reestablishing a solid foundation. - Maintain or school your horse in the show ring. - 10 common cheats and their fixes.
V-3039 Maximizing Your Western Pleasure Horse: Seven Steps to Slow Your Horse Down Without Sacrificing Movement, Vol. 3 DVD/40 min./2005 Here are 7 fabulous tips to slow your horse down without sacrificing his movement. These techniques will gradually give you the body control you need to get that flow and smoothness that you are looking for. Includes: Step 1 - The Arc Step 2 - Drive Forward Step 3 - Self Carriage Step 4 - Identify Lean Step 5 - Neck Reining Exercises Step 6 - Counter Cantering Step 7 - Stop and Redirect 

V-3040 Secrets to a Truly Willing Horse DVD/40 min./2005 This program covers in depth how to develop a truly willing horse. Willingness is important. In order to have that fabulous ride we all want and work toward, our horse has to be willing. When you ask for what your horse cannot give, you build unwillingness in your horse. I spend a lot of time analyzing or diagnosing the following: - Is he capable of doing his job? - Am I giving a clear message? - What is he saying back to me?
V-3041 101 safety tips for you and your horse DVD/40 min./2006 Safety starts with choosing the right horse - Be safe by assessing your horse's energy level before you ride -Be safe while handling your horse on the ground - safety in the saddle - Be safe hauling your horse.
V-3043 A Complete Guide to Western Riding and Tack DVD/64 min./2006 This video puts the rider in the saddle with riding exercises. It also covers selection and use of equipment and bits, bridling, using spurs, correct saddling techniques and tips for staying safe. Contents : Riding Styles - Pre-Riding Exercises - Equipment - Bits - Bridling Your Horse - Equipment - Spurs - Time to Saddle Up - Riding Basics in the Bridle - Exercises for the Rider - Safety First - Training in the Snaffle.
V-3044 Problem Solving on the Ground and Under Saddle 4 DVD's/2003 Disc One - Horses that Bite, Stall Vices, Leading Problems, Spooking and Shying, Tying Problems. Disc Two - Handling the Legs and Feet, Head-shy Horses, Hard to Bridle Horses Disc Three - Problems with Shots, Grooming Problems, Problems in the Pasture Worming Problems, Problems with Fly Spray, Blanketing Problems, Bathing Problems, Blind Horse Problems, Stallions and Mares. Disc Four - Saddling Problems, Mounting Problems, Buddy Sour/Barn Sour, Horses that Stop and Back Up, Horses that Rear, Horse that Won't Go or Stop, Horses that Buck or Kick, Horses that Bolt, Correcting the Horse's Speed, Arena-shy Horses, Spooking Under Saddle, Lack of Attention, Head-Tossing, Tripping and Stumbling
V-3045 Horsemanship 101: Downunder Horsemanship DVD/10 hr./2004 Disc one. Introduction -- Downunder philosophy -- Introduction to student -- Parts of the horse -- disc two. Conformation of the horse -- Colors of horses -- Buying your first horse -- Breeds of horses -- Are you ready? -- Feeding your horse -- TV show on nutrition -- disc three. Hoof care -- Horse clothing -- Basic tack for your horse -- Proper atttire for riding -- Stabling your horse -- Working on the ground with China in the roundpen -- disc 4. Working on the ground with China in the arena -- A visit from the vet -- Tying your horse -- disc 5. Catching and haltering your horse -- Grooming your horse -- Saddling and bridling your horse -- First ride in the roundpen -- disc six. Second ride in larger arena -- Bathing your horse -- Riding after one week of practice. Summary A series created for the beginner rider, with little or no horse experience. Clinton Anderson explains how horses think and demonstrates how the new rider can overcome fear and uncertainty through basic groundwork and riding exercises that build the rider's confidence and the horse's respect. 
V-3046 Right Focus on...Beyond Age Discrimination DVD/58 min./2010 As Minnesotans grow older, many become vulnerable, dependent upon others to meet their basic needs. Are they vulnerable to discrimination as well? In two separate half-hour discussions, this program looks beyond age bias to other, less-talked-about challenges facing older Minnesotans. Part 1 is an overview - panelists and Part 2 is GLBT issues - panelists.
V-3047 Right Focus on...Crime, Justice and Second Chances DVD/57 min./2010 Should an arrest or conviction remain on one's record for years? Decades? This program examines the debate over the need to help ex-offenders rejoin society and the requirements of public safety.
V-3048 Living in the Landscape: Leaving Boundaries Behind DVD/27 min./1999 This DVD is a presentation of the tree major ecological regions that come together. These regions, known commonly as prairies, hardwoods and pinelands, make up the unique nature of the place we now know as Minnesota. Together they create an ecological diversity found few places on the continent. This DVD blends lush photography and insightful personal interviews to explore how this landscape was formed and how it continues to influence the people who live here.
V-3049 Mechanics 'N Motion II by 100X World Champion Mark Shaffer 2 DVD's/4 hrs. You can get on board with 100X world and national champion Mark Shaffer as he covers the true facts of the horse's mechanics in motion. This two disk set starts with the selection process which is broken down into 5 categories. Mark will demonstrate the first 90 days of the starting process including all the necessary ground work needed to start your next champion correctly. This program is applicable to all disciplines of riding.
V-3050 Organic Chemistry Part 1 DVD/140 min./2007 These programs cover the Chemistry Basics of Lewis Structures and dives into Acids & Bases and The Atom. Bring structure and reactions to life while also providing a valuable overview of chemistry prerequisites. THE DEEP-FRIED WORLD OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, PART 1 EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO ACE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: REVIEW OF BASIC CHEMISTRY: Lewis Structures, valence shell electron pair repulsion, Coulomb's Law, covalent bonds, ionic bonds, intermolecular forces, Lewis Acids, Lewis Bases, HYBRIDIZATION STATES OF CARBON, NAMING ALKANES, ALKANE STRUCTURES, CYCLOALKANE STRUCTURES, 

V-3051 Organic Chemistry Part 2 DVD/166 min./2007 Organic Chemistry Part 2 covers more advanced material, such as organic reactions (addition, elimination, substitution and rearrangement), ions, endo- and exothermic reactions, the EZ system of nomenclature and more! 

V-3052 Organic Chemistry Part 3 DVD/120 min./2007 Organic Chemistry Part 3 begins by demonstrating electrophilic addition reactions and takes you all the way through alkynes and alkyne reactions. This DVD is sure to teach you more about organic chemistry than you ever thought possible! 

V-3053 How to: Animal Dissection DVD/45 min. As pigs and other mammal species, such as humans and canines, share many similarities, fetal pigs are often used in dissection to explore anatomy and physiology. This DVD presentation features expert instruction on proper safety and dissection techniques, along with allowing students to explore and understand the anatomy of mammals in general. Perfect for any beginning veterinary technician student or animal science classroom. Collaborator: Dr. Tiffany Brooks, Instructor of Veterinary Medicine, Texas Tech University.
V-3054 Field Trip: Zonneveld Dairy DVD/33 min. Take a field trip to one of the largest, most efficient dairies in the country. With more than 10,000 dairy cattle, the family owned and run Zonneveld dairy in Laton, CA, produces 31,000 gallons of milk a day. View the sire pens, maternity area, calving facilities, milking parlors and hospital pen. Learn about sire selection and cow replacement, and view the many activities going into upkeep and sanitation maintenance for a dairy facility. A supplement is included.
V-3055 Understanding the New ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) DVD/handbook/16 min./2009 The A.D.A. Amendments Act (A.D.A.A.A.) was signed into law in 2008 and is now in effect! The Americans with Disabilities Act now has been clarified and significantly expanded. As a result, many more people will fall under the coverage of this important law. This program will cover the fundamentals of the original A.D.A. and explain the changes that are now in effect because of the new Act. Managers and supervisors will get answers to the following: .Who is covered under the new A.D.A.A.A.? .How has the definition of "disability" been clarified?
.What are "major life activities"? .How are the needed "reasonable accommodations" determined? .How should disabilities be handled during job interviews? .What are "essential functions" in a job description?
V-3056 Complete CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation DVD/92 min./2008 This DVD will teach you the latest CPR techniques and equipment, how to administer CPR to children and infants, how to administer the Heimlich Manuever, how to use an AED, and life saving first aid techniques and guidlines.
V-3057a Trail of Tears - Pt. 1 & 2, Disc 1 DVD's/2 hrs. 37 min./2009 This harrowing and compelling compilation of four award-winning documentary programs chronicles the struggles of the Native American culture from the forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears to the current issues faced by America's aboriginal people. Trail of Tears part 1 & 2 includes: Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy (105 min.) and Black Indians: an American Story (52 min.)
V-3057b Trail of Tears - Disc 2 DVD's/1 hr 45 min./2009 This harrowing and compelling compilation of four award-winning documentary programs chronicles the struggles of the Native American culture from the forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears to the current issues faced by America's aboriginal people. This DVD of Trail of Tears includes: Native American Healing in the 21st Century (52 min.), Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School (53 min.)
V-3058 History of Hispanic Achievement In America: Vol 1 - 1492-1719 DVD/62 min./2006 Program 1: Spain Comes to the New World - 1492 - Christopher Columbus arrives in the New World; 1513 - Ponce de Leon Discovers Florida; 1514 - Bartolome de las Casas Extablishes anti-racism policy in Spanish Colonies; 1519 - Hernan Cortes brings horses from Spain to the Americas. Program 2: Spanish American exploration and colonization - 1539 - Hernando De Soto explores Southern U.S.; 1540 - Francisco Vasques de Coronado maps America's Southwest; 1565 - Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles founds Florida's St. Augustine; 1608 - Juan De Onate expedition establishes Sante Fe, New Mexico; 1711 - Gallegos Family, Pioneers of the Desert Southwest
V-3059 History of Hispanic Achievement In America: Vol 2 - 1720-1847 DVD/56 min./2006 Program 3: Spanish Americans move Towards Independence - 1720 - Father Antonio Margil de Jesus helps found San Antonio, Texas; 1740 - Gov Manuel de Montiano defends St. Augustine against English attack; 1769 - Junipero Serra Founds a mission in San Diego; 1779 - Bernardo de Galvez leads Spanish forces against Britain in America's fight for freedom; 1810 - Spain's North American colonists begin forging an American Hispanic identity; Program 4: A new Hispanic Identity Emerges - 1819 - Luis de Onis prevents a war between Spain and the U.S.; 1821 - Don Facundo Melgares Inaugurates trade on the Santa Fe Trail; 1836 - Jose Antonio Navarro and Lorenzo de Zavala, founding fathers of the Texas Republic; 1836 - Juan Seguin stands with Americans at the Battle of the Alamo; 1836 - Juana Briones establishes San Francisco.
V-3060 History of Hispanic Achievement In America: Vol 3 - 1848-1958 DVD/60 min./2006 Program 5: Hispanics Become United States Citizens - 1848 to 1866. Program 6: Hispanics Become an American Minority - 1898 to 1949.
V-3061 History of Hispanic Achievement In America: Vol 4 - 1959 - 2007 DVD/60 min./2006 Program 7: Emergence of a Unique Hispanic Culture - 1959 - Ritchie Valens initiates Hispanic/Latin Renaissance in American Culture; 1961 - Emilio Azcarraga Brings Hispanic television to the U.S.; 1963 - Poet William Caros Williams wins the pulitzer prize; and Joan Baez sings at Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.; 1965 - Cesar Chavez founds the United Farm Workers of America; Program 8: Era of the Hispanic American Hero begins - 1969 - Judy Baca brings the Hispanic muralist movement to the United States; 1973 - Roberto Clemente; 1978 Hispanic Golfer Nancy Lopez wins her 1st LPGA; 1980 - Walter Alvarez; 1986 - Franklin Chang-Diaz 1st Hispanic in Space; 1990 - Dr. Antonia Novello; 2001 - Linda Alvarado wins Horatio Alger Award.
V-3062 History of Hispanic Achievement In America: Vol 4 - 1959-2007 DVD/59 min./2006 Program
V-3062 History of Women's Achievement in America: Volume 1 DVD/29 min./2006 Volume 1, Program 1: The Making of a New World - presents women who help found the English Colonies. Volume 1, Program 2: The Era of Women's Firsts - talks about the first women's college, the first woman scientist, the first national magazine for women, and women's rights.
V-3063 History of Women's Achievement in America: Volume 2 DVD/29 min./2006 Volume 2, Program 3: Women Speak Out - from 1852 to 1885 women like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman, Louisa May Alcott, Susan B Anthony, Cara Barton, Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, and Belle Starr spoke out.
Volume 2, Program 4: America Enters the World of Nations - from 1889 to 1912 with Jane Addams, Nellie Bly, Mary Cassatt, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Gertrude Pridgett, Isadora Duncan, and Juliette Gordon
V-3064 History of Women's Achievement in America: Volume 3 DVD/29 min./2006 Volume 3, Program 5: Women Begin to Transform Themselves - 1916 to 1935 presents women like Jeannette Rankin, Edith Wharton, Margaret Mead, Georgia O'Keeffe, Amelia Earhart, and Mary McLeod.
Volume 3, Program 6: America Becomes a Super Power - 1936 to 1956 presents women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Babe Didrikson, Margaret Chase Smith, Gwendolyn Brooks, Rosa Parks and Althea Gibson.
V-3065 History of Women's Achievement in America: Volume 4 DVD/29 min./2006 Volume 4, Program 7: American Women Find Their Voice - 1959 to 1981 women such as Lorraine Hansberry, Betty Friedan, Lynn Margulis, Joan Ganz Cooney, Golfer Nancy Lopez, and Sandra Day O'Connor make history.
Volume 4, Program 8: A New Age of Equality - 1985 to 2001 talks about women like Wilma Mankiller, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Tan, Madeleine Albright, and Linda Alvarado.
V-3066 Immunizations: Injections and Techniques
V-3066 Horse Breeds ID
DVD/31 min./1998 Horse Breeds ID disc one explores the history, characteristics, and development of 23 light horse breeds and examines various heavy breeds,
V-3067 Horse Breeds ID Pt. 2
DVD/31 min./1998 Horse Breeds ID Part 2 explores the history, characteristics, and development of 23 light horse breeds and examines various heavy breeds,
V-3068 Equine Reproduction 
DVD/27 min./1995 This DVD details the horse breeding process from selection of breeding stock to foaling. It describes the process of conception; examines natural breeding and artificial insemination; details the equine reproductive system; addresses sperm quality; and discusses estrus, pregnancy determination, and gestational care.
V-3069 Immunizations: Injections and Techniques 
DVD/2004 This presentation explores livestock immunizations. It covers injection sites, needle sizes, safety precautions, and alternative methods of medicinal applications.
V-3070 Common Parasites of Small Animals
DVD/2009/Powerpoint This presentation outlines the symptoms of a variety of external and internal parasites. It discusses the damage inflicted by each, shows how they are transmitted, and looks at treatment options.
V-3071 Common Diseases of Small Animals
DVD/2009/Powerpoint This presentation introduces the signs and symptoms of common small animal diseases and outlines prevention and treatment options. It covers such topics as vaccination schedules and zoonotic diseases.
V-3072 Food, Inc.
DVD/91 min./2008 Food, Inc. talks about our nation's food industry and explains how the food supply is controlled by a handful of corporations that put profit ahead of consumer health, our safety, and our environment.
V-3073 Economics U$A: Disc 1 and 2, programs 1 - 12 2 DVD's/2002 This DVD consists of 2 disc with programs 1 to 12 on it which includes: Resources and Scarcity; Markets and Prices; U. S. Economic Growth; Booms and Busts; John Maynard Keynes; Fiscal Policy; Inflation; The Banking System; The Federal Reserve; Stagflation; and Productivity; Federal Deficits.
V-3074 Economics U$A: Disc 3, 4 and 5, programs 13 - 28 3 DVD's/2002 This DVD consists of 3 disc with programs 13 to 28 on it which includes: Monetary Policy; Stabilization Policy; The Firm; Supply and Demand; Perfect Competition and Inelastic Demand; Economic Efficiency; Monopoly; Oligopolies; Pollution; Labor and Management; Profits and Interest; Reducing Poverty; Economic Growth; Public Goods and Responsibilities; International Trade; and Exchange Rates.
V-3075 Free-Market Capitalism Is So 20th-Century: A Debate DVD/106 min./2009 This program is narrated by Political satirist Rory Bremner. A panel of speakers in this Oxford Union-style debate make their case against or for state capitalism. Those for argue that capitalism has been empirically proven wrong due to its failure to warn of impending crisis and that "state capitalism" is the model for the immediate future.
V-3076 Tempest, the DVD/127 min. Feuding noblemen, embroiled in a world of spirits and sorcery, are forced to come to terms with their past when their children, Ferdinand and Miranda, meet by chance and fall passionately in love.
V-3077 The Original Christmas Classics 4 DVD's This set contains 4 DVD's with the following Christmas classics: Santa Claus is coming to town, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and Christmas classic songs.
V-3078 Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas DVD/26 mins. This is a holiday classic for the entire family to enjoy! This holiday classic is based on Dr. Seuss' beloved book and features the voice of Boris Karloff. The fun begins when the grumpy, grouchy, Yule-hating Grinch plots to ruin the Whoville Christmas.
V-3079 Great American Festivals: St. Paul Winter Carnival DVD/60 mins. This DVD presents the St. Paul Winter Carnival and is one of the U.S. oldest and largest Winter festivals. Events include beautiful ice and snow carvings and competitions, the traditional sport of curling, plus parades, cultural celebrations, and some traditions steeped in winter history.
V-3080 Silent Invasion, the DVD/60 min./2008 Strange, exotic plants and animals are showing up in places where they don't belong. It's a silent invasion that's destroying our most precious places, driving away wildlife and making everyone, from ranchers to fishermen to wildlife managers, nervous. The Silent Invasion is a call to action with one goal in mind: turn Oregonians' love of their state into a campaign to protect it from invasive species.
V-3081 Sick Around the World DVD/60 min./2008 Four in five Americans say the healthcare system needs fundamental change. Can the U.S. learn anything from the rest of the world about how to run a healthcare system, or are these nations so culturally different that their solutions would not be acceptable? FRONTLINE correspondent T.R. Reid examines the healthcare systems of other advanced capitalist democracies to see what ideas might help the U.S. reform its broken healthcare system.
V-3082 Swine Management Practices DVD/35 min./1995 This DVD presentation will give you beneficial information on the swine industry. Various swine operations (e.g., farrow-to-finish and farrow-to-nursery), breeds, selection, nutrition, reproduction and swine management is discussed in the program. Facilities, vaccinations, ear notching and castration are also covered. Collaborator: Dr. Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University.
V-3083 Sheep Management Practices DVD/50 min./2008 This program examines the sheep industry and contrasts two types of sheep operations: purebred and commercial. It covers such topics as breeds, sheep evaluation, nutrition, health, and differing sheep management practices. The DVD also discusses common sheep diseases, castration, docking, dehorning, hoof trimming, shearing, and wool evaluation.
V-3084 Basic Poultry Reproduction DVD/51 min./2003 This DVD explores the male and female reproductive systems of poultry and looks at fertilization and egg development. It explains natural and artificial breeding practices and covers important industry terminology.
V-3085 Stem Cells DVD/32 min./2007 This DVD looks at stem cells, shows how they are cultured, and considers what they could contribute to human health and welfare. It also addresses the scientific and ethical dilemmas that accompany stem cell research. (Closed caption)
V-3086 Genetic Science: Where Is It Leading Us? DVD/32 min./2007 This DVD looks at stem cells, shows how they are cultured, and considers what they could contribute to human health and welfare. It also addresses the scientific and ethical dilemmas that accompany stem cell research. (Closed caption)
V-3087 Spanish for Dummies 3 CD's/guide book/60 min. each/2007 This program is designed to help you learn quickly and easily at home or on the road. It has basic greetings and expressions to grammar and conversations. It also includes a 96-page portable guide--filled with the words and phrases you'll hear on the CDs, plus a mini dictionary.
V-3088 Introduction to Critical Thinking DVD/59 min./2008 Featuring John Chaffee and offering vignettes and group discussions, this program shows how to become a critical thinker. It outlines the qualities of critical thinkers, including self-awareness, curiosity, open-mindedness, and insightfulness; looks at active and independent thinking; and emphasizes the importance of a solid knowledge base and good communication skills.
V-3089 How to Create a Killer PowerPoint Presentation in 60-Minutes or Less DVD/60 minutes This program will help you create a PowerPoint presentation that will make your audience go WOW! This program will help you create a presentation that looks great and also persuades and motivates your audience.
V-3090 Waiting for Superman DVD/111 min./2010 This program provides an engaging and inspiring look at public education in the United States. Waiting for "Superman" has helped launch a movement to achieve a real and lasting change through the compelling stories of five unforgettable students such as Emily, a Silicon Valley eighth-grader who is afraid of being labeled as unfit for college and Francisco, a Bronx 1st-grader whose mom will do anything to give him a shot at a better life. This dvd will leave a lasting and powerful impression that you will want to share with others.
V-3091 Front of the Class DVD/98 mins./2009 Front of the Class is the triumphant life story of Brad Cohen, a man who overcomes incredible obstacles to become a gifted teacher. Brad has Tourette's Syndrome and he becomes a teacher and the school principal offers encouragement and gives him a job.
Ron Clark Story, the DVD/90 min./2006 (copy 2) This is a story about a real-life inspiration Ron Clark, a passionate and innovative teacher who leaves his small hometown to teach in one of Harlem's toughest schools. In order to break through to his students, Clark must use unconventional methods, including his ground-breaking classroom rules, to drive them toward their greatest potential. Matthew Perry plays the part of Ron Clark.
V-3093 Front of the Class DVD/98 mins./2009/2nd copy Front of the Class is the triumphant life story of Brad Cohen, a man who overcomes incredible obstacles to become a gifted teacher. Brad has Tourette's Syndrome and he becomes a teacher and the school principal offers encouragement and gives him a job.
V-3094 Learn Public Speaking DVD/60 minutes/2006 Does the idea of speaking in front of an audience fill you with dread? Relax! The Standard Deviants will help you overcome your fear of public speaking and help you deliver your message with style and flair! Using proven attention-getters, illustrations and delivery suggestions, this DVD will help you organize your thoughts and present them in a clear and persuasive manner.


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