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B.E. Youngquist
Professor Emeritus
Former President - Red River Valley Winter Shows

cover of 75 year story of thered river winter show - click here to download the PDF

75 Years of the Red River Valley Winter Shows (PDF) was published as a part of the 75th anniversary celebration at the Winter Show. It is more than chronological recording of dates and events. The author tries to capture the dreams, efforts, successes, and failures of people on the land of northwestern Minnesota, and to incorporate the history of the institutions that developed to serve agriculture. Much has changed from first Winter Shows in 1910 to the 75th anniversary show in 1985.

The author gathered information from a wide range of sources including communications via letter, telephone, personal interviews, volumes of premium books, program booklets and other publications dating back to 1910.

The document is divided into the chapters set out below. There are links to each chapter for ease of downloading and reading. All documents are in a PDF format.


CHAPTER I - The Nelsons - Sodbusters p. 5

CHAPTER II - National Setting and Local Evolution of the Winter Shows p. 7

CHAPTER III - Leadership, Planning and Management p. 12

CHAPTER IV - Education, Promotional, and Social p. 15

CHAPTER V - Government and Sponsorship of the Winter Shows p. 21

CHAPTER VI - Origin of the Winter Shows, Who Kept it Going, and Who is Alive Today? p. 27

CHAPTER VII - Financial Policies – Buildings Land, General Operations, Sustaining Fund, Winter Shows Foundation p. 34

CHAPTER VIII- Activities and Events p. 40

CHAPTER IX - Farm Service Show p. 47

CHAPTER X - Quality of Life - People p. 49

CHAPTER XI - Letters, Interviews and Telephone Calls

CHAPTER XII - The Future p. 73

Appendix p. 76


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