University of Minnesota, Crookston
University of Minnesota, Crookston
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Crookston's 90 Years

Crookston 90 Years - Download the PDF

Crookston's 90 Years - 1879-1969 (PDF) - Although it would be impossible to write a complete record of Crookston's (Minnesota) romantic history and its colorful pioneers in the limited space that this brochure provides, we hope that you will find this record of the highlights of the biography of our city interesting and graphic. To those who lent us the priceless pictures and historical documents used we wish to express our gratitude. It is only fitting that our booklet be dedicated to the sturdy, God-fearing souls who gave us the modern, thriving community that we have today and to their many descendants who still live in the beautiful, productive valley of the Red Lake River and Red River of the North.