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A Chronicle of the Northwest School of Agriculture
and Experiment Station, 1895 - 1968

cycle cover

Cycle (PDF) is a history of the Northwest Experiment Station and the Northwest School of Agriculture. The author, Ruth Anne Stymiest, was employed as a part of UMC University Relations. She wrote a feature in the publication UMC Inside Out called "Glimpses from the Past." Ms. Stymiest enjoyed gathering historic information, and Cycle is a result of that interest.

Information for the publication was gathered from Hersch Lysaker, Berneil Nelson, and others. They assisted in locating historic photographs for the publication. Old yearbooks, publications, and news articles were also used to paint a picture of the way of life in the region.

Note: All documents are in PDF format.

Table of contents

2.   Station superintendents - the leaders
4.   The first years (1895-1905)
5.   The The School begins (1905-1911)
6.   Years of growth (1911-1917)
8,   The first war years (1917-1919)
9.   Plans and problems (1920-1930)
12. The Depression years (1930-1936)
14. Toward stability (1937-1941)
15. Another war (1941-1945)
17. Time of hope (1946-1949)
19. Toward a new era (1950-1959)
22. Changing times-changing needs (1960-1968)
25. T.M. McCall: a backward glance
27. Lindberg remembers
29. First graduating class - First faculty
30. Final graduating class - 1

Cycle was published by the Office of University Relations, University of Minnesota Technical College, Crookston, MN 56716. Printed in U.S.A. by UMC Learning Resources with a copyright date of 1978. University of Minnesota. All rights Reserved.


Cycle was digitized by the University of Minnesota, Crookston Library. U.S. and international copyright laws protect these digital documents. Commercial use or distribution of the image is not permitted without prior permission of the copyright holder. Please contact University of Minnesota, Crookston Library for permission to use the digital images.

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