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By T. M. McCall 

Centennial History of Polk County - click to download the PDF

May 11, 1958, marked the centennial for Minnesota's admission to statehood. The Polk County Centennial was observed concurrently with the Minnesota Statehood Centennial.

The Polk County Board of County Commissioners funded various centennial observances. One project funded was an update the county history.  T. M. McCall was given the responsibility of selecting a committee to work out the historical assignment

This work the CENTENNIAL  HISTORY OF POLK COUNTY (PDF) is the result.
The history is intended to be a supplement to the 1916 History and Biography of Polk County 

The Centennial History of Polk County is divided into chapters set out below. There are links to each chapter for ease of downloading and reading (PDF).

Chapter I - Polk County Prepares for State and County Centennial.

Chapter II  - The Shrinking Land Area of Polk County. The Loss of Land to Other Counties.

Chapter III  - Organization of the County in 1872-County Commissioner Districts.

Chapter IV   - County Officers 1858-1960, County Extension Agents, County Extension Districts, District Judges Serving Polk County and Changing Judicial Districts.

Chapter V  - Glacial Lake Agassiz and Shore Lines in Polk County.

Chapter VI  - Early Explorers and Early Explorations of the Red River Valley.

Chapter VII -  The Signing of the Old Crossing Treaty-Ceding of Indian Lands.

Chapter VIII -  The Old Crossing Wayside Park-Possibilities for Improvement.

Chapter IX  -   Settlement and Early Settlers of Polk County by Judge J. E. Montague.

Chapter X  - Population Trends In Polk County.

Chapter XI -  Public Schools of Polk County-Evolutionary Changes in Schools of the County-Northwest School and Experiment Station.

Chapter XII -  The Weather of Polk County.

Chapter XIII -  Drainage Problems of the County.

Chapter XIV Polk County Highways-Map.

Chapter XV  - Meeting the Public Welfare Needs of Polk County by Emil Bagley.

Chapter XVI  - Agricultural Fairs in Polk County-Fosston and Fertile County Fairs; Red River Valley Winter Shows.

Chapter X VII  - Polk County as an Agricultural Empire-Its Soil and Soil Types.

Chapter XVIII -  Soil Management Problems of the County.

Chapter XIX  - The Fifty Pre-Centennial Years of Agricultural History In Polk County.

Chapter XX  - Fifty Years of Progress in Crop Production In Polk County.

Chapter XXI  - The Dividends of Potato Research In the Red River Valley - The Potato Research Center by Lyle Currie.

Chapter XXII -  Sugar Beets as a Crop in the Red River Valley.

Chapter XXIII -  Crops Production Tables and Crops for Polk County, 1910-1958.

Chapter XXIV -  Livestock Production Tables, Prices, Trends In Cattle Feeding and Dairying.

Chapter XXV  - The Number and Sizes of Farms in Polk County 1910-1958.

Chapter XXVI -  Government Agricultural Production Control and Soil Con.





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