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Bicentennial History of Polk County Minnesota Pioneers of the Valley - click to download the PDF

Bicentennial History of Polk County, Minnesota Pioneers of the Valley (PDF)

Polk County Historical Society.1976 
Dallas, Tex. : Taylor Pub. Co.
Pioneers of the Valley

The Polk County Historical Society, as official custodian of County History, has for more
than 60 years been collecting and preserving the inspiring story of the people of Polk County. .Books, pamphlets, newspapers, maps, pictures, and museum objects have been collected.




Bicentennial History of Polk County, Minnesota contains the histories of the cities, towns and townships and of the people who settled in each local. These include these towns of Polk County:
Climax, Crookston, East Grand Forks, Fertile, Fisher, Nielsville,

The townships included are: Andover, Angus, Belgium, Brandt, Brislet, Bygland, Crookston, East Polk County, Esther, Euclid, Fairfax, Fanny, Farley, Fisher, Garfield, Gentilly, Godfrey, Grand Forks, Hammond, Helgeland, Higdem, Hubbard, Huntsville, Kertsonville, Keystone, Liberty, Lowell, Nesbit, Northland, Onstad, Parnell, Reis, Rhinehart, Roome, Russia, Sandsville, Scandia, Sullivan, Tabor, Tilden, Tynsid, Vineland

It has feature stories: George Downham Story, Eickhof Construction Company, Horses Were People, Settling of Polk County, An "Indian" Wedding, Ole Jevning's Log House, Lakeview Hotel, Crookston's First "Board and Bunk" Hotel, History of Polk County Library, Neby Store, Minnesota Man, Number Two, Old Crossing Treaty, A Pioneer Burial, Honest Scottie, Stage Coaches in the Red River Valley, Yesterday Is the Making of Today, Water in the House for $12.98, Merchants National Bank, 1924.

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